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3000Wh Solar Generator


Specifications :-
Product name : 3000Wh Solar Generator
Model No : VXL3000
Battery Type : Lithium Battery
AC Current Output : 10A/20A
AC Voltage Output : 220V/110V
Power Output :  1800W
Peak Power : 3600W
Waveform Output : Pure Sine Wave
Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
DC Voltage Output : DC 5V/2A  DC12V/3A
Protection Functions : Over Charge ,Over discharge , OverLoad, Over Temperature, Short circuit, Over Voltage etc
Charging Parameters : 54.6V/10A
Battery Capacity : 48V/60Ah
Charging Time : 6h
Cycle Life : >3000 times
Size : 458*348*205(mm)
Weight : 26Kg

*No Noise, No Exhaust, and No Gas Needed.
*The Best Batteries—We use only high Quality lithium Batteries in the generators.
*More Solar panels can be used for faster re-charging.
*The best solar charging. We use an MPPT solar Charge controller for faster re-charging
and the most efficient use of the sun.
*All the Output you need: 110V/220V AC Outlets, Multiple USB Charging Sockets,12V
Cigarette Lighter Style Outlet.5V DC output.
*LCD Display showing Battery, Inverter, and Solar Charger Status.
*Includes Standby AC Charger so your generator is always fully charged and ready when
you need it.
*Portable. Take the generator to wherever you need the power. They have wheels and
*Available lightweight FOLDABLE Solar Panels so you won’t have to lug around heavy glass
panels like those other guys provide.
* Can be charged by 3 methods: The AC Wall Charging, solar panel, the car
*With Overcharge and over-discharge protection, power monitoring and low battery warning
Ideal for: Laptops, Tablets, Lights, Mini Fridge, Power tool charging, TV/Satellite, Medical
Equipment, LED Floodlights, Camping, Party, Outdoor use. Emergency power and backup



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