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330W 40V Solar Panel (Mono Crystalline) Reliance/WHC Brand
SOLAR PANELS  330W 40V Mono Crystalline



PERC 182 Cells : Better cap ability of current collection , larger area of power generation, nice appearance, 
more suitable for installation on the roof.
1000V System Voltage : 1000V solar system voltage design, significantly lowers BOS cost Compared 
to 1000V systems
11BB Solar Cell : More uniform current collection capability, reduce the current Heal loss of the cell; 
nice appearance and more suitable for roof Installation.
High Power Output : 60 pieces solar chip output power up to 330Wp.
Anti-PID Guarantee : Anti-PID cell and en capsulation technology Frame less module  Requires no module 
grounding which may P ID.
Low Light Performance : By high efficiency glass with surface veneering technology to Achieve excellent 
performance in low light conditions
Strengthened Load Ability : 5400 pa snow load, 2400 pa wind load.
Harsh Environment Adaptability : TUV North German test passed high salt spray and high ammonia 
Gas corrosion test.


Panel module : WHC-330M -60
Max Power voit(Pmax) : 330Wp
Max. circuit voit(Vmp) : 34.85V
Max. circuit current(Imp) : 9.47V
Open circuit volt(voc) : 41.82V
Open circuit current(Isc) : 10.13V
Open circuit current(°C) : -40°C-+85°C
Max. System voltage : 1000VDC (IEC)
Max. rated fuse current : 20A
Output power tolerance : 0-+3%
Temperature index in Max Power : -0.37%/°C
Temperature index in Open circuit volt : -0.28%/°C
Temperature index in Open circuit current : 0.048%/°C
Nominal battery work temperature(Nect) : 45z2°C


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