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6KW Solar Inverter System


✔WHC48V6000W Inverter
✔Type:Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Big Transformer
✔DC Input Voltage:48V
✔AC Input Voltage:220V50/60HZ
✔ Recharging current:30A
✔AC Output Voltage:220V50/60HZ

Quantity : 1Pc

✔WHC12V200AH Gel Battery
✔Nominal Votage:12V
✔lnternal resistance(Fully charged,25°C):Approx.3mΩ
✔Float charging voltage:13.5 to 13.8V

Quantity : 8Pc

✔WHC330W Mono Solar Panel
✔Cable:90mm with MC4
✔158mm Cells 60PCS

Quantity : 20Pc

✔Type:Heatsink Cooling
✔Max.Charging Current :100A
✔Max.PV Open Circuit Voltage:150V
✔DC Input Voltage:12/24/48V Auto
✔MPPT Efficiency:99%

Quantity : 1Pc

✔Combiner Box:N8
✔Waterproof IP65
✔Max output Voltage :250V
✔DC Output Circuit Breake:Yes
✔Lightning Protection:Yes

Quantity : 1Pc

✔Solar Cable 50m
✔Material:Pure Copper
✔Temperature Rating:-40°C-120°C ,More than 25 Years

Quantity : 2Pc

✔Battery Cable 50cm
✔Material:Pure Copper
✔Temperature Rating:-40°C-120°C

Quantity : 10Pc

✔MC4 Solar Cable Connector
✔Rated Current:30A
✔Rated Voltage:1000VDC
✔Waterproof Protection:IP67

Quantity : 10Pc

CBM: 1.95

Total Weight :780Kg


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